Fund Raising 2017

BBC Children In Need Appeal 2017

Our Club Target: £500

Total Donated: £561.00
(Plus 25% Gift-aid)

Thanks to everyone who took part or donated

Sponsored Kata-Thon
Friday 17th November 2017
Silkstone Common Methodist Church
11:30am - 8:00pm

 What is a Kata-Thon?

Club Members will be performing kata (Forms) continuously over the course of the day in a drop in/drop out format, this will include the 15 solo kata and also paired kata such as 10 Kihon Kumite, 8 Ohyo Gumite and 12 Sanbon Gumite.  The clubs adult members will start the session with the children joining after school, some of our members may even demonstrate kata from other martial arts they are familiar with.  For those members inexperienced with kata the senoir grades will be on hand to lead them through and offer help throughout.

Kata= pre arranged collection of movements and techniques in a set sequence usually performed solo
(Approx 24 - 64 moves Long)

Paired Kata = short pre arranged sequence of attack / defence drills
(Approx 2 - 5 Moves Long)

Children in Need 2017 - Event Photo's